S.T.E.M. // U.S. Government


I was the UI lead & artist on this project, a game intended to get kids excited about the S.T.E.M. fields. I handled the UI art direction, asset creation, and worked with the programming team to make sure it looked accurate in game.

The game consists of a series of mini games within a short narrative. Minigames are played on a touch screen, score/medals are displayed on additional screens. When a game is completed, a short lesson is displayed, all lessons are summarized at the end. The narrative is displayed between each game. The whole experience is around 5 minutes so everything had to be clear and concise.

I enjoyed designing the futuristic look for the game and adding little details that an observant player might appreciate.


Concept Minigames

Score / Lessons   

HUD / In-Game   


Assorted Animations in Gif Format